factors affecting plant establishment on mining tailings

Environmental factors influencing the structural dynamics of . - NCBISep 18, 2014 . Environmental factors influencing the structural dynamics of soil microbial communities during assisted phytostabilization of acid-generating mine tailings: a . may be important for facilitating plant establishment on the tailings,.factors affecting plant establishment on mining tailings,Rehabilitation of Mine Tailings - Carnegie Department of Global .soils adversely affects their chemical and physical structure, nutrient capacity, . operates eight mines, two mills, a smelter, a suiphuric acid plant, a copper .. two factors make a significant contribution to the successful establishment of the.

Appendix J: Mine Tailing Revegetation - Canadian Environmental .Appendix J: Mine Tailing Revegetation (Lakehead University) . Fertilizer and natural forest soil amendments improved plant growth significantly over ... Although anecdotal, establishment appeared to be limited to pots amended ... industrial waste hears: a test of immigration and other factors affecting primary succession.factors affecting plant establishment on mining tailings,Establishment of Wetland Plants on Flooded Mine Tailings - IMWA .Submerged plants were established on Falconbridge tailings by sandwiching shoot biomass between layers . Wetland plant establishment was affected by the species characteristics, . In addition, factors affecting the growth of one species.

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factors affecting plant establishment on mining tailings,

Potential Use of Organic- and Hard-Rock Mine Wastes on Aided .

Jun 10, 2011 . Copper mining operations may adversely affect the environment due to . However, success of aided phytostabilization on mine tailings also depends . and chemical factors of the substrate for proper plant establishment and.

Environmental Factors Influencing the Structural Dynamics of . - NCBI

Sep 18, 2014 . Several methods for the assisted growth of plants on mine tailing piles . contaminants, and 3) influence the success of plant establishment.

Establishment of Wetland Plants on Flooded Mine Tailings - IMWA .

Submerged plants were established on Falconbridge tailings by sandwiching shoot biomass between layers . Wetland plant establishment was affected by the species characteristics, . In addition, factors affecting the growth of one species.

Reclamation of Copper Mine Tailings Using . - Publicera vid SLU

tailings and their relations to factors affecting growth and metal uptake by plants. .. those trials showed that plant establishment on the mine tailings was only.

Ecological restoration alters microbial communities in mine tailings .

Apr 29, 2016 . Ecological restoration of mine tailings have impact on soil . Moreover, heterotrophic microorganisms are involved in the establishment of ecological . pH) rather than plant species and depth were the main factor influencing.

Soil Reclamation of Abandoned Mine Land by Revegetation: A .

overburden surfaces, subsided land areas, other degraded land by mining facilities, . spoil reclamation requires the establishment of stable nutrient cycles from plant growth . directly affect the future stability of the restored plant community. ... 1980). Miller et al., (1985) indicate that soil water potential is a significant factor.

case history of a copper mine tailings pond reclamation - American .

decisions made relative to reclamation of the copper mine tailings pond at Ducktown, . Phase II involved the establishment of trial plots to determine appropriate additions of amendments and plant species suitable for .. environments and has a greater affinity for sulfur than Zn. Factors influencing cadmium mobility.

Optimization of plant growth-promoting bacteria . - Plant Biology

Jun 18, 2009 . to evaluate how mode of application of known PGPB affects plant growth, and second to evaluate the effect . factors including metal toxicity, acidic pH, poor soil structure, low . cap on mine tailings using plants that minimize metal accumula- . One way to overcome limitations to plant establishment is the.

Bacterial Community Changes during Plant Establishment at the .

Mine tailings are moderately to severely impacted sites that lack normal plant cover . is the primary factor enhancing bacterial heterotrophic counts and affecting.

9 - Laurentian University

to the acid mine drainage problem (see Chap- ters 10 and 21), surface . Diagram of Inco Limited's Copper Cliff tailings area. not replaced by . ers, to ensure plant establishment, should be made at the ... Site factors affecting semi-natural.


wastes include the use of wetlands, for revegetation of mine tailings under flooded conditions and . proportion of the year, which is a determining factor in their make-up of the ecosystem, (2) an emergent . successful establishment of plants.

Dynamics of plant species during phytostabilisation of copper mine .

Methods: Early establishment of plant species under Eucalyptus grandis, Senna . Results: Mine tailings and pyrite soils had extremely low pH, poor nutritional ... an important environmental factor determining in part, availability of colonisers.

Is rhizosphere remediation sufficient for . - Annals of Botany

Background Revegetation of mine tailings (fine-grained waste material) starts with . hydro-geochemical mobility of acutely and chronically toxic factors from the underlying horizon and maintain .. (months to years) establishment of multiple plant species ... Influence of tailings mineralogy on hydro-geochemical dynamics.

Plant – Community interactions on risk reduction - Universiteit Utrecht

Organic matter and pH are the most important factors that determine metal mobility in .. The direct establishment of plants on mine tailings sites almost always.

View Entire Paper - Ministry of Energy and Mines

ASSESSMENT OF MINE SPOIL FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT. OF VEGETATION .. The principal factors affecting seedling establishment and plant growth in mine waste rock and tailings materials are spoil stability, moisture retention.

Soil Amelioration Potential of Legumes for Mine Tailings

One key factor in the success of mine rehabilitation through . considered to be the major limiting factors for plant establishment on mine tailings (Bradshaw 1987). Using . effect of C. molle and C. mucunoides on the properties of mine tailings.

Enhancing Natural Succession on Yukon Mine Tailings Sites: a low .

The physical and chemical factors influencing plant species distribution and .. Mine tailings are typically a difficult medium for plant establishment and growth.

use of native plants for the remediation of abandoned mine sites in .

The traditional disruptive technologies for the remediation of mine tailings . The establishment of . effect was assessed in relation to the plant survival and growth. ... metals preferentially in roots, exhibiting a Translocation Factor (TF, metal.

Dynamics in leachate chemistry of Cu-Au tailings in response to .

Nov 26, 2013 . For example, the Pb-Zn mine tailings from Mt. Isa of Queensland contain 6% . is a major factor responsible for the acidification of mine wastes, which cause . the primary constrain for plants' initial establishment in tailings and thus merits a . The specific objective was to determine the dynamics of leachate.

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